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  "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. "— Chief Seattle

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Of course Paul’s deep knowledge of the region, its flora and its beauties – and not to forget his patience and his humor – have made me feel like it all was too short.  As a result, my eyes and my brain are full of new images and new knowledge.

– Jean-Claude B, Switzerland.

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My personal philosophy of walking

Snowdrops' slow ascent towards the sky

Some creative writing about snowdrops:-


It is that tale tale sign of a green triangle 2 cms high,


With a white edge pushing its way above the detritus and mulch of winter.

The tinge of white at their tip teases one into believing that they will flower so soon

(will I miss it), this afternoon, tomorrow, no the day after.

No the next, until suddenly they burst into full flowering.

The sign of winter’s thaw, the revolving of the seasons

The colour of purity, delicacy, surrender and light.

A line of green, nature’s vein reminding us of the basic life giving chemical,


Oh but for the vision of a snowdrop!

All those biology lessons would have been taken in,

Consumed and looked forward to.

If only our teachers would have begun the dreary winter term

With one site visit to inspect the first Snowdrop.

I, for one would have taken notice, pricked up my ears,

Viewed in awe and embraced this most hated of subjects.