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  "Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumb nail"- Henry David Thoreau

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We really have had a wonderful walking tour. Good times together and enjoying each others company.

– William and Hedy, Singapore

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My personal philosophy of walking

Walking on the folds of Crackington Haven

strangles arch 600 x 450

Friday the 13!! Worried? Us? No! However...... See the arch above, left hand side of the picture? We stopped before it whilst one of our party made a phonecall and to gather our thoughts before we moved on. I look around and some large pieces of rock, large enough to cause a fatality dropped off the top of the arch with a loud impact onto the rocks below. We live to tell the tale. Respect for the 13th and a Friday that accompanies it, from now on.

If you like geology then this is a walk for you. It just leaves one breathless to see how millions of years of slow pushing and shoving by the plates cause faults and folds to occur with layers of rocks sliding against each other and being pushed and pulled like pastry into these patterns that you see. some of the rocks were like swiss roll, others like folded carpets, intruded into the cliffs, forming layer upon layer according to natures spectacular design. Its like Nature had an "etcha-sketch" to play with and was a complete novice with the dials.

Again this was mid January and it was close to t shirt weather. Only when the sun went down to reveal a magnificent sunrise did we get reminded that it was indeed mid winter as the temperature dropped suddenly and viciously urging us to add the layers of clothing that we had happily shorn.

Lots of rock hopping along the shore, quartz crystals and clambering over millions of years of aged rock. Humbling!

sunset at crackington 4 600 x 450

folds of slate and person on strangles beach 600 x 450folds of slate on strangles beach 600 x 450

sunset at crackington 3 600 x 450old field system in january blue skies 600 x 450sunset at crackington 6600 x 450