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  "A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy."— John Sawhill,

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I did it again this year. Booked another walking week with Paul after the nice walking week I had last year. Might do it again next year.

- Lenie B, Switzerland

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My personal philosophy of walking

Countryfile magazine the SWCP team and walkitcornwall

st michaels mount gardens 1 600 x 450

Perceptions of place. I'll let you into a secret about being a guide. One of my jobs is not to say what I personally think but to give the opinions of the many who have been before. To unearth the myriad of facts, fables and personal stories and fine tune them into an interesting and entertaining sliver of information. Religion like politics can be a very emotive subject and likewise if you look at the many perceptions of what Cornwall is and means, it becomes an often divisive subject, full of emotion, differing interpretation of facts and historical ambiguities.

This is what has drawn me to the county and has influenced and formed my approach to guiding. The many aspects of Cornwall from the geology, flora and fauna to the maritime, industrial and religious heritage gives each place in Cornwall its own unique DNA.

I was approached by the South West Coast Path team and Visit Cornwall to accompany Jo Tinsley a journalist from Countryfile Magazine on a pre determined walk for an article that she was writing. Having taken out Robin Page from the Telegraph a few weeks ago around Nare Head on the Roseland peninsula and other journalists in the past I was again faced with the possibility that what I say "will be taken down in evidence" and so needs to be fine tuned, perceptive, sharp and witty. Well inadvertently I try that anyway so one is always a little more earnest in preparing the walk and getting facts right.

Well I had no worries. Jo was great; joyous to be out on the Coast Path, loving the scenery which included a seal (obviously laid on by us), the emerging spring plants of celandine, dog violets, alexanders and that specific green of the leaves of sea campion. Alex Green from the SWCP team joined us at Mousehole for lunch and we all followed the wonderful Coast Path through Newlyn, Penzance onto Marazion and a visit to St Michaels Mount. winter heliotrope 450 x 600

The SWCP team are so committed, knowledgeable and pro active in making sure that the longest National Trail that is the SWCP is accessible and able to be enjoyed by us all that they, along with the many wardens employed by the National Trust, Natural England and the county councils, really are the unsung heroes of walking in the South West.

The South West Coast Path is so well signposted with sticky black and white signs in urban areas denoting which direction to go. Fabulous. It negates the need to walk, map in hand half looking at directions on a map and missing the architecture, harbours and wildlife that one would miss if immersed in a flapping 1:25000.

Countryfile Magazine is published 13 times a year is full of interesting articles about being outside, what to see, why we see it, with interviews with people who have a quirky approach to enjoying this wonderful isle that we live on.

A shout out also to Adam at St Michaels Mount who gave us a whistle stop tour of the island, full of facts and stories that just tripped of his tongue. Great work Adam!

So much packed into just 8 miles of coast path.

jo tinsley countryfile and alex green swcp team at st michaels mount 600 x 450from carn dhu to lamorna 600 x 450

between mousehole and newlyn 600 x 450lamorna to mousehole 450 x 600ship inn mousehole 600 x 450

ellie and paul at st michaels mount 600 x 450from st michaels mount to marazion 600 x 450