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"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured". - Mark Twain

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We really have had a wonderful walking tour. Good times together and enjoying each others company.

– William and Hedy, Singapore

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Red sky in the morning

 red morning sky over halvasso another day

Overhead, here in Halvasso, Cornwall we have been treated to some memorable red skies in the morning. American comedian Steve Wright said “Bills travel twice the speed of cheques through the postal system”.. I’ll vouch for that. Blogs, websites, contacts, hustling……Savour the morning ambience.

Here’s a small and tenuous topical circular journey. Red sky in the morning has been googled and it seems it is also the title of a coming of age novel by Richard Bradford that has been compared with a certain Catcher in the Rye, the author of which J D Salinger has just passed away. Where did he spend most of his reclusive life? Cornish, a town in New Hampshire, USA. The words straws, at and clutching might sum those links up I hear you murmur…

I walk Jess (Heinz 57 dog part Lab, part GSD, part ?), feed the chickens and decide what part of the walking and music empire I am going to indulge in today.

There is some truth in the saying “Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning” (extended to fishermen and farmers here). A red sunrise occurs when the normally scattered blue wavelengths, being shorter have scattered whilst the longer red wavelengths remain in view as the suns light has to travel through a considerably longer part of the atmosphere. Oxygen and nitrogen molecules inherently scatter blue light but not the longer red wavelengths. We have weather systems moving west with Cornwall open to the prevailing South Westerlies. The red sky in the morning normally occurs when there is good weather in the East and clouds in the west thus rain (water droplets in the westerly heavy clouds) is on its way.   Enjoy the photos from Halvasso, looking East towards Falmouth and the Roseland Peninsula.

red sky morning halvasso