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  "Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence." — Hal Borland

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I did it again this year. Booked another walking week with Paul after the nice walking week I had last year. Might do it again next year.

- Lenie B, Switzerland

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Guided walking break in Cornwall: the cult of the fruitcake festival

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If you think of a passion, something that you really like, chances are that in America there will be a festival dedicated to it. The obvious ones are music, cultural, rodeo and sports festivals. Oh yes... and food. Now we have our own Oyster festival here in Falmouth and in the good ol' US of A they do have their pumpkin, seafood and more oddly a Banana festival in Wilmington Ohio. But my guests this week were not just participants but the organisers of the famous, well famous in Inyo county, California, Fruitcake festival....Don't ask, just Google, it will be easier.

Role call was Nancy, Rose, Mary, Leslie, Annette, Liz and joined by Hope. Cult leader Pam (who frequents the walkitcornwall facebook page) sent her envoys to initiate me into the ways of the fruitcake - no I haven't lost it completely - and they succeeded to a degree whilst I threw everything at them to resist like houmus and salad sandwiches, brie and grape rolls, even eggs from our own organic free ranging chickens. Ceri and our 13 year old chef Emily baked Melting moments, honey coated flapjacks, Bara brith (welsh tea cake) and carrot cake as a counter attack against the possibility of plain old fruitcake taking over. We assaulted their dietary habits and after a five day onslaught of food including strawberries on a Penwith beach and tea served on a Roseland beach, weight was gained not taken off at the end of the walking week. Success by forcing a culinary coup d'etat on our guests. How cruel we can be... but it was only in defence your honour.

Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery and may I say beautiful people. Memorable week, just take a look at the extended pictures. More will appear on Facebook. Come on over and "like" us on FB.

The bottom photo is a kestrel having a dust bath.

Spend enough time walking in Cornwall and the most amazing sights will present themselves. Be prepared.

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