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"There are moments when you want to give up, the decisions at these exact moments define you". - unknown

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We really have had a wonderful walking tour. Good times together and enjoying each others company.

– William and Hedy, Singapore

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A walking week in Cornwall in July

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Following the worst week of rain and mud in Cornwall for a long while it was with trepidation that we awaited what the heavens would offer. Well we were lucky with most of the days whilst one day we went to the fabulous Heartlands in Pool to see the mining heritage come alive. The site pushes the point that Cornwall whilst it wasn't the centre of the Industrial Revolution it certainly dominated the copper and tin output of the world for a long time. It gave the world "the Hard Rock men" the diaspora spread to all corners of the world with their nous about mining.

But back to the walking and we were indeed lucky with the places we chose to walk. Predannack to Kynance one one day, Holywell Bay and Porth Joke another, Nanjizal bay and the 5 beach walk from Treyarnon to Trevone Bays in the north completed the week. We had two guests, Lenie, returning for another Cornish fix whilst Sabine joined a walkitcornwall group for the first time.

The clouds paraded across the skies brooding and taunting its possibilities. Just plain showing off its intensity and malevolence and occasionally delivering what it intimated by its speed and richly dark presence. But this was an everchanging play above our heads, our eyes forever turned in all directions. The colours of the landscape obeyed the movement of the skies and while the clouds skitted over, the very rocks seemed impregnated with neon and changed colour over and over in ever new permutations. There is so much to be said for being outside when the the only static movement is your own self watching the weather go by. You are in a state of helplessness and awe. Only under these circumstances would one say that blue skies are boring but after last week it is what we yearn for despite natures efforts to show its dark side.

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