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"The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell". – Confucius

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I want to say again thank you so much for making my first visit to Cornwall in more years than I care to remember so memorable.

– Helen M, UK

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My personal philosophy of walking

Another walking week in July in Cornwall.

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This is a new palette of colours that caught my eye. Cornwall continually produces a visual feast throughout the year in different habitats and at the whim of the non conforming weather events. Whilst many may moan about the lack of blue skies I for one revel in the endless creativitiy of the clouds and the hues produced in the flora, bursting into life and battling with the interplay of the excess of sun and rain.

I have got to say that whilst my photos reproduce the landscape that most travel brochures use as a prerequisite when tempting possible visitors, I much prefer the broody skies, the contrasts of weather and the transformation as it happens from mood to mood. Giant ships disappear in the sea beneath passing sheets of showers, insects stir excitedly in their intimate knowledge of good weather to come. Flowers burst into life almost bowing to the sun on an hourly basis screaming "hit me with your warming stick, hit me". I observe, I point the camera and Cornwall does the rest.

We had one day of mist and rain where we came over the hill near Perranuthnoe and I exclaimed "And here..." pause "...should be a great view of St Michaels mount". Nothing! Nonetheless the weather gods were in the vicinity of the walking gods and as we approached Perranuthnoe the mists parted on and off for a while so we could see the island. Four of our party were from France and requested the walk as they knew of the sister island Mont St Michel. I was a relieved man.

Jess joined us on our Padstow circular and whilst it got hot she was so glad to be out and about. Happy walkers all around on two and four feet.

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