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"The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything". - Oscar Wilde

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 I just wanted to thank you again for a really lovely week's walking. We could not have been more blessed with the weather, and seeing those glorious beaches and panoramic views without the summer crowds was exceptional. 

–Jillian P, UK

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My personal philosophy of walking

Walking in Corfu part 1

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Why do some places have a hold, a tenacious grip on ones being? You feel drawn, a connection and even that unfathomable innate sense of having been there in a previous time and body. Your soul overrides the logic.

I have this feeling about Corfu. Not so for the USA, Canada, most of the UK or Scandinavia all of which I have spent enough time for a sense of place to overawe me and embed itself below the surface. Cornwall has also had this effect on me and I do give way to this overriding idea that I am openly succumbing to being immersed in a culture, ambience and way of life which will take me on a life changing personal direction or path (I try to avoid the word Journey).

 Whether I am hiking around the alleys of Corfu Town, up above most of the island at Agia Deka and the historical buildings of Old Perithia and Krini where time seems to stand still I feel I know these places, I belong and they have stories yet to be told for me and of me. It makes no sense but then again the paradox is that it makes complete sense to return and follow my inner voices. I experienced the one week and two week love affairs that visitors had and still do with anywhere they visit and yet with a gap of almost 30 years I once more fell in love with Corfu, a love that has never diminished. 

Walking is the best way to understand a landscape and the interaction between humankind and the contours and content on and beneath ones feet. From the moment of disembarking from the plane and the smells and often heat that grips you from the off invites, nay implores me to get walking as soon as possible. Luggage precludes this but I'm off, walking my proverbial arse to an exhausted halt from minute one. Feet on the surface is the medium to best experience where Earth meets Sky and in Greek mythology there are stories of many gods who populated the heavens and Earth and all places in between.

Romantic? Deluded? Idealist? I'd be interested to know where people are pulled towards. Do you share a wanderlust, a home far away that is slowly but surely working its magic on your heart and mind? The Greek Oddysey continues.