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"Your response to failure determines the height of your success". - Robin Sharma

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I would like to tell you I have really appreciated the week we spent together. I thank you for your patience and your support in my english training!

- Marie B, France

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My personal philosophy of walking

Why walk?

Walking is simple. We are physically set up to perform what in reality has taken millions of years to perfect and what we now take for granted. Mobility, balance, gait, speed, direction awareness, multi sensory perception, fight or flight and health and leisure, some of the many areas to be explored when talking about walking.

phoca thumb l bluebells and garlic at carwinion woods

Walking is easy, so why do we make it complicated? Why do many of us in the developed world neglect our awareness about weight, diet and health, let alone the pure joy one gets from walking? The interconnection between walking and health is well documented. In fact it has gone too far where, and I speak from experience, European money is sought to investigate and research the "Blue gym" and the "Green gym". The what? To you and me, walking next to the sea or in the woods is good for you! Yup thousands of pounds of our tax money has gone into researching the Natural gyms, whereas go back two generations and the urban banter or, as they called it, old wives tales, from our grand parents went along the lines of "go outside, climb some treees, go out and clear your head, come back at dinner time, go out and PLAY"!

An immersion in the outside was a matter of daily life, of engaging with dirt, paths, open green spaces, trees, rivers, birds and the "N" word - (whisper it quietly.....nature).

My job, my raison d'etre is to turn this engagement or more accurately, reconnection with the outside into the positive, all encompassing, life affirming pursuit that it is. Walking is a cure all! I'm convinced of that and I'm sure it aids and cures a multitude of sins from mental and physical health. Trees give off natural chemicals Phytoncides, the aroma in a forest which boosts our immune system as they kill germs. Humans need 2 tons of oxygen per day. Go have an oxygen shower in a wood as 29 tons of oxygen is produced for every square mile of deciduous forest. One of the few pursuits I would publicly advise you to overdose on:-) Well being? If you go down to the woods today........

Well, I'm back writing about walking. I have a PhD planned about footpaths, cultural symbols and the original question. Why do we walk? The snippets of info in this blog came from "The hidden life of trees" by Peter Wohlleben.