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  "My body is a temple where junk food goes to worship." — Anonymous

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I did it again this year. Booked another walking week with Paul after the nice walking week I had last year. Might do it again next year.

- Lenie B, Switzerland

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My personal philosophy of walking

Waning bluebells. au revoir but not goodbye

Bluebells in full splendour

Waning bluebells on the coast. 

So, a quick goodbye, nay, au revoir until next year to the harbingers of uplifting spring spirits.

As though they recognize their own performance the bluebells are now bending over

taking a bow, soaking up the deserved applause and promising an encore.

Oh how we want you back.

 Yet additionally as though handing over the baton,

another adorable colour combination is the mix

of newly grown ferns and the waning bluebells.

That almost iridescent, pale green contrasting with the rich, metallic blue.


Birth and death in a beautiful conflagration of colour.

Bittersweet, inevitable but a vital almost symbiotic annual meeting.


Like a car crash it seems almost sacrosanct to look at it in the knowledge

that one of these participants is close to death.

But one only sees peace, serenity and another present

from natures unlimited toy shop of visual delights.


How does nature do it? Simultaneous joy and sadness in ones heart.


Porthgwarra bluebells in Cornwall