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"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others". - Ayn Rand

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We had a great time with you as our fearless guide. Loved it all especially the colours of Cornwall. We really enjoyed the pace of the walks. It allowed me to lag and take photos and be one with the land. Also it allowed me to fantasize about the smugglers and customs men dashing along the trails.

–Pam V, USA

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Jess the dog: walkitcornwall's principal guide

walking breaks in cornwall walkitcornwall Jess at Carbis Bay

Introducing Jess our principal guide.  How remiss of us not to mention "she who must be followed". Jess our cross gsd/lab has been with us for seven years. A softy who absolutely loves people and walking (and markies). We rehoused her and renamed her (from Xena) when we got her from Molly Wyatts near Hayle. She is as playful and docile as they come and just loves leading walks all over Cornwall especially the Coast Path.

She has nonchalantly dismissed sheep on Dartmoor, ponies on the Coast Path, Adders at the Southernmost Point and Cape Cornwall and enjoys meeting fellow four legged friends everywhere. She plays and moves on. We don't always take her on walks with groups. We ask first. We are often asked if we can accommodate other dogs on our walks. It's been a hard decision but I'm afraid we can't. We do have walkers who unfortunately have had a bad experience with a dog and feel inhibited if they encounter one. So we always ask if Jess can come along once we have walked with guests for a day. Sometimes we get a resounding yes and others we follow our guests wishes and leave Jess to roam the smallholding and protect our chickens and warn us of foxes, rabbits, pidgeons and magpies. Either way she is a happy individual.

Walking holidays in Cornwall jess on bodmin moor