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  "Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend" - Albert Camus.

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 It was a great time for us in Cornwall with you. Every day I´m in thoughts of the coastal path way.

- Brigitte, Germany

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My personal philosophy of walking

Walking in Cornwall in August- is it a trick of the mind?

walkers-at-carn-les-boel-on a walking holiday in Cornwall walkitcornwallyelloq-and-purple-flowers-at-kestle-barton-helford river walkitcornwallporthcurno-beach-walking holiday in cornwall walkitcornwall

The sheer drop on the north coast around Portreath is spectacular. There is a particular sense of powerlessness one gets when close to the edge, a paradox to the fact that one is indeed in control like at no other time over both the joy of living and the despair of not wanting to live. One can only imagine how the internal mental fight is playing out at the border of land and sea. People are drawn to this border of landscape and ocean where many battles have been fought both geologically and physically by human kind when forced against one another. Presently we can gaze in awe at the spectacle, hopefully realising our place within the story of the planet along with our immense imposition that we have made. What might emerge to some are clear choices as to our potential and future relationship with what some call Gaia – a planetary sized self regulating organism.

For fear of repetition, it’s another walking group for five days of walking the best paths in the South West. We have to thank the Preventative Men, the old Customs Officials who conscientiously watched the seas for the home heroes of legend- the Smugglers. Their footprints made pathways along the coast that eventually linked port to port along the whole stretch of Cornwall.. and beyond.

This weeks crew include Gisela and Margarate, Vera and Constantine from Germany, Fred and Diana from Australia and Jane from Ireland. Jess our dog (See 1st July blog) joined us and she and Constantine (14) formed a formidable partnership for a couple of days. Sometimes we take Jess with us but we do ask first as some people do have problems with dogs. Fred is a triathlete and loved to go out and swim in the bays. First day he was oblivious to a seal that was following him up and down, tailing him, obviously wondering why this creature 50 metres out to sea was patrolling his territory so it went in for a closer inspection. The few people on the beach at the time were waving at Fred who thought we were just saying hello.

The Churches trust do a good job keeping alive the ecclesiastical heritage of the UK. St Anthony in Roseland is such a church that they have purchased and preserved for the nation. Attached to the estate of Place house it has a history going back to the 12th Century, restored in Victorian times and now a wonderful peaceful building to visit.

Whenever someone voluntarily or by accident falls over a cliff in Cornwall there is a minority who call for action to be taken to prevent this. I’m sorry but do you think that a fence is the solution? Firstly alcohol and high places do not mix. Secondly anyone intent on doing themselves harm will not be prevented by some bits of wood and a sign.

vera-and-constantine-over-the-cliff-at-portreath-walkitcornwalljane-and-gisela-at-the-percuil-river-towards-st-mawes-and-falmouth-200-x-150 to-portreath-and-beyond-north-from-godrevy-200-x-150

window-of-st-anthony-in-roseland-walking break in Cornwallgive-us-a-wave-penwith walking holiday walkitcornwallconstantine-and-jess-on-the-south-west-coast-path-cornwall walking holiday