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I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it's such a beautiful animal.... I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her. — Ellen DeGeneres

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Thanks again for taking us to such beautiful parts of Cornwall. The journey was really great with you.

- Rose Marie D, Germany

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My personal philosophy of walking

One on one camping with my children

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One on one camping trips with ones children is a joy. It’s a selfish reciprocal guilty pleasure in that both parties get the other all to themselves. I’m yours and you’re mine for 24 hours. When three children into two adults mathematically and temporally don’t go there is a certain equality, calmness and insight within ones relationship with each offspring that you just don’t get any other time until you spend one on one time. What you get out of one on one just doesn’t happen with any other configuration.

So it has become a family custom to go off onto the south west coast path or to Dartmoor for an overnight. The venues this year were Dartmoor for one night for the eldest and Soapy Cove near Kynance cove for the two others on separate evenings. The tide was out around supper time so we could explore the serpentine caves and make Sad Plastic Faces out of the detritus that modern society has inflicted on this beach of geological marvel.

For 375 million years the oil derivative called plastic has been a welcome absent intrusion on any beach in the world. Presently, the testament to our throwaway existence worldwide lies colourfully on every beach. Soapy cove is no different. In a separate blog one can see the materials that accompany the plastic on its journey to each and every cove around the coast. Needles, onions, trays, footwear and toothbrushes amongst it all. But more on Sad Plastic Faces in another blog.

This one is about the joy of one on one camping with your little ones. “Can you turn down the sea noise” always remains with me as an insight into the thinking of children. As the common saying goes “Out of the mouth of babes comes the truth”. Food that is often left clinging on a plate at home with a nose upturned is joyously received and demolished in a sudden famished frenzy. “Wow this tastes great” is often recited. ”So why don’t you eat it at home” is muttered under ones breath making sure the spell isn’t broken. Running along a virgin beach making the only tracks is one of life’s joys. Watching your children discover that and indulge in it is another. Watching an amazing sunset cuddling up is up there.

Teaching a child how to read a map and the illumination in your child’s face when “out there” relates to “on there” ; the map, plants the idea that in the future a map is all they need to be safe in this mysterious landscape. That they can negotiate the territory and create their own journeys in the world becomes a metaphor for their whole life’s journey. Simply put it is a revelation and benchmark for any parent indulged in the care and bringing up of their children.

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