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"We try to connect the sensations of the body with the paths we cross"- Emmanuel Gault

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Very well organised, full of interest. Delicious snacks.

- Margaret J, Isle of Wight

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Moody seas and 50 words for precipitation

kynance-from-blow-hole-tide-out-walking break in cornwall walkitcornwallwalking group at Kynance plus martin from adventurelinerainbow-on-the-helford-river on a walking holiday in cornwall

This was a week of the Moody Sea! Water can take on an assortment of moods, colours and shapes. The Inuit have at least 50 words for snow. I think we should attempt the same for how water falls from the sky in the UK and how it behaves around the coast.

This was the last Adventureline walkitcornwall joint production of the year. Five days, six people, five from the USA, one from the UK and some great walks and weather. Informed by weather fronts, tides, wind, cloud cover and type of precipitation the water observed shrouding and clouding us and entertaining us with its variety of wave shapes kept us spellbound all week.

We had the grey misty flat calm on the Roseland, a rainbow at the edge of a rain front at the mouth of the Helford River, the majesty of horses tail whipped into rolling waves near Porthcurno in Penwith , the calm azure and aquamarine of Kynance cove and the cobalt blue around the Lizard southernmost point. It was a lesson in colour, observation and concentration. Look away you might miss something.

wavescape-2-walkitcornwall guided walks in cornwallthe-helford-river-in-a-cloudy-mood-walkitcornwallwavescape-1-walking break guided holiday walkitcornwall nanjizal-sept-2010-on guided walking holiday in cornwall3-on-a-beach-walking break walkitcornwallporth-chapel-penwith walking break walking holiday walkitcornwall