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You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. - Goethe

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Thanks again for taking us to such beautiful parts of Cornwall. The journey was really great with you.

- Rose Marie D, Germany

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Autumnal sunrises

train-to-london-oct-sunrise walkitcornwall walks in cornwallhalvasso-sunrise-autumn-2010-walkitcornwalltrain-to-london-oct-4th-sunrise walking in cornwall

The Autumn sunrises are a welcome diversion from the longer nights and the darker mornings. The leaves are dropping, there is a nip in the evening air and it is a daily puzzle deciding when autumn has really started and the Indian summer has finally burnt out.

Some people say that Autumn is their favourite season. I’m not one of them. For me it is Spring. It never ceases to amaze me how soil so dormant, muddy and bereft can over such a short period reveal that it has secreted and harboured the actual seeds that push forth so much verdant growth.Spring is an acclamation of life that all is good in the world for at least another growing season. But getting back to the autumnal sunrises. The first two photos were taken on the early morning London bound train. The others were at 7a.m around Halvasso. I will be adding to these over the winter too charting the Halvasso Autumn and Winter. Just proving I walk the dog early, to be honest:-)