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  "In the long term, economic sustainability depends on ecological sustainability."— “America’s Living Oceans”

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I've published my pictures on facebook and my friends cannot believe that Cornwall is so amazingly beautiful. One of my friends is thinking of taking her mum on your walking holiday:-) I've recommended Walkitcornwall to her, as being based in Falmouth is definitely a better option and from personal experience, she will have a great and fun time with you.

- Kasia, Poland

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Sad plastic faces on the beach

sad-plastic-faces-on the beach walkitcornwall walks in cornwallsad-plastic-face-on the beach walkitcornwall walking breaks in cornwall

The fact that there is plastic on every single beach in the world and found, when dissected by marine biologists, in the guts of all seabirds, one realises the extent of the problem. It is a clear indicator of the throwaway society that we promote and accept. A consequence or just sheer laziness. In accord with the likes of Surfers Against Sewage it would be fitting if there was an outrage against the plastic clutter just as there is when man made problems arise relating to the sea and the coastline that we enjoy so much.

Whereas with sewage it is more obvious exactly where the problem of pollution originates. A pipe out to sea is a physical source, which can be attended to. Plastic comes from the whim of the tides. From ships, holidaymakers, fishermen, cafes, pipes and probably other sources I haven’t put down.

Here’s a timeline of biodegradation, the time it takes for the following to biodegrade naturally once in the sea:- Paper towel 2-4 weeks, newspaper 6 weeks, apple core/cardboard box 2 months, cotton gloves 1-5 months, cotton rope 3-14 months, waxed milk carton 3 months, biodegradeable nappy 1 year, plywood 1-3 years, tin can 50 years, Styrofoam cup 50 years, Styrofoam buoy 80 years, aluminium can 200 years, plastic beverage holder 400 years, plastic bottle 450 years, monofilament fishing line 600 years (facts care of Natural England info board Kennack Sands 2007).

My children decided to make sad plastic faces out of the detritus on the beach which if you look carefully includes medical needles, onions in plastic mesh, glass and the many shapes, sizes and colours of the varieties of produced plastic. Who says that there won’t be a layer of it in the Earths rock strata that points to the Age of Man?

We’ve had the Pleistocene Epoch (1.8 million years ago – 10,000 years ago) We are in the Holocene Epoch now but we can rename it. What about the Plasticene Epoch? So come on folks make sad plastic faces on the beach and show your awareness. It gets you out there, it's fun, creative and makes you feel that you are linked with people all around the globe. Spread it around the world!

sad-plastic-face-on the beach walkitcornwall sad-plastic-face-on the beach walkitcornwall walking holidays in cornwallsad-plastic-faces-on the beach walkitcornwall walk in cornwall