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"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". - Albert Einstein

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The scenery, flowers and birds, coupled with your wealth of knowledge, really made for a super few days. It was so nice spending time taking it all in, without the need to rush to the next destination. The dynamics of the friendly group merely added to the enjoyment. The week went all too quickly so, who knows, I may return for more! Do thank Ceri for the lovely sandwiches and the chickens for the eggs!

- Maureen N, UK.

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My personal philosophy of walking

Snow 175m up at Halvasso Cornwall in November

snow-in-halvasso-walking and hiking in cornwall walkitcornwallsnow-in-halvasso-hiking holidays in cornwall walkitcornwall

A snowscape presents us with one of the more beautiful and romantic interpretations of nature. The sudden adornment of all surfaces with snow is a great leveller and reminds us to respect the variations in weather. Its homogenising visual effect on the landscape make us view our neighbourhood as a whole unifying vista where often travelled paths and land merge into a new and unfamiliar version of a locale we know so well.

Predicting snow is a perilous business. Getting it right is so important to each and everybody’s routine. The warmth of the sea, the land, the air, the height of the landscape, the wind direction, velocity, cloud cover:- the variables are so complex. If sun and warmth is predicted and it turns out wet and misty, then there are a few moans one one side and a few red faces on the other. Not predicting any snow (and the famous 1987 Hurricane) can be a matter of life and death and can often encourage erratic food purchasing behavioural frenzy.

Oh yes, one tends to discover the reason for having two pointy things just below the pelvis that alternate in their forward motion whilst engaged in the higher ideal of causing the propulsion of ones body to move from a to b. LEGS. Brilliant things. Sir George M Trevelyan said (I paraphrase) “I have two doctors, my left leg and my right”.

These photos were taken the morning of the 27th November at Halvasso, Cornwall. What is so striking is the varying shapes of the clouds, from whispy and streaked to voluminous and gorged, the portent in the sky of possible weather to come.

snow-in-halvasso-Walking breaks in cornwall walkitcornwall

snow-in-halvasso-snow in cornwall walking in cornwall walkitcornwall