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I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants. — A. Whitney Brown

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I've published my pictures on facebook and my friends cannot believe that Cornwall is so amazingly beautiful. One of my friends is thinking of taking her mum on your walking holiday:-) I've recommended Walkitcornwall to her, as being based in Falmouth is definitely a better option and from personal experience, she will have a great and fun time with you.

- Kasia, Poland

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Birch bark canoe at National Maritime Museum Falmouth

birch bark canoe maritime museum falmouth walkitcornwall evening walks falmouth spring festivalbirch bark canoe maritime museum falmouth walking holidays walkitcornwall falmouth spring festival 2011

Whilst discussing the forthcoming Falmouth Spring Festival walks programme with Tamsin Loveless of the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth we walked past a canvas covered exhibit that has hit International headlines, here in the UK and especially in Canada. The world’s oldest birch bark canoe was discovered on the Enys Estate recently and has been moved to the NMMC for restoration and exhibiting.

For the full story go to the Maritime Museum’s whats on page here. The fact that the canoe was probably from the northern lakes of Canada being used for hunting 250 years ago and still one can see the scrapes and marks on the canoe today is fascinating. As a callow youth I spent time in those lakes portaging and camping in the modern day aluminium canoes, hanging the food up in trees because of the bears. Being so close to this birch bark canoe bought it all back.

The Falmouth Spring Festival walks from 26th March to 3rd April involve six days of walks around the Falmouth area or tours around the Helford River and the Lizard peninsula in our luxury 8 seater VW. We are also running 6 early evening walks from 5pm-6.30pm. Check the website page here for details. The six early evening walks between the 26th March and 3rd April start from the foyer of the Maritime Museum at 5pm. They have kindly let us congregate there before we set off.

Thanks to Tamsin and the staff at the Maritime Museum for that. The three different themes of the evening walks are the Open spaces of Falmouth, the Maritime Heritage of Falmouth and the Shops and Personalities of Falmouth over the past 100 years. Evening walks are £5 per person with day walks £15 and tours £30 per person for a whole day 90 mile round trip with refreshments. All details are on the websiteview from maritme museum falmouth walkitcornwall falmouth spring festival evening walks