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"The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell". – Confucius

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Of course Paul’s deep knowledge of the region, its flora and its beauties – and not to forget his patience and his humor – have made me feel like it all was too short.  As a result, my eyes and my brain are full of new images and new knowledge.

– Jean-Claude B, Switzerland.

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Little White Alice eco holiday self catering cottages in Cornwall

natural swimming pool cornwall eco holiday self catering little white alice walkitcornwall

Little White Alice is a complex of the highest quality eco cottages with its own 25 acres within the granite heartland of Cornwall. It is aimed at the self-catering fraternity who love large spaces both indoor and outdoor. This is the standard by which sustainable holidays should be judged in the present and in the future. It is quite simply, an amazing vision that has come alive and is ready for your arrival.

Rosie and Simon welcomed Ceri and myself to take a look around and talk about providing the best low impact eco accommodation and walking holiday in Cornwall. Check their site out now for details of the hard work and effort that they have put in to get this project up and running.

They say they are “challenging the standards of most listed eco holidays”. Well we reckon they are raising and setting new standards. If you are serious about making as little impact on the natural world whilst getting your kicks and excitement about engaging with the beauty, energy and bounty of this ‘ol blue planet then a stay here will only revitalise you, relax you and make you even more appreciative of what we have - if that is possible.

The facilities are amazing. Absolutely ideal for groups. Spacious spaces indoors, a natural swimming pool, which means no chemicals just clear water, cleaned by a reed bed filtration system, handcrafted interiors that are individually stylised and rooms that are light and airy positioned for the maximisation of daylight. All run from generating their own water and electricity.

Cue immediate calm. We are now talking together about dates and times to create as low impact a holiday that one could wish for. Little White Alice is waiting for you here, now. 

Little white alice self catering eco holiday walking holiday in cornwall walkitcornwallEco holiday in Cornwall little white alice walking break walkitcornwall