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"We try to connect the sensations of the body with the paths we cross"- Emmanuel Gault

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Thanks again for taking us to such beautiful parts of Cornwall. The journey was really great with you.

- Rose Marie D, Germany

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Cornwall Wildlife Trust's awesome enthusiasm for nature

Mr and Mrs blue tit have their homes modelled by enthusiasts

Cornwall Wildlife Trust would be squillionaires if staff enthusiasm and dedication alone could be converted to and measured in pounds sterling. This is the paradox. How to reconcile and balance the time and effort given to working towards a better Environment (big E) with raising the money to fund it all. Today was an eye opener on how such organisations like CWT, who prove time and time again, proactively, how to be stewards of the natural cycle, are struggling with such a dilemma.

Whilst there are innumerable enthusiastic people willing to give up their precious Saturdays to guide ten eager children under twelve in making bird boxes they still, as an organisation, have relatively little money yet a fervour and willingness to spread the E word beyond their HQ at Allett, Truro. Talking to staff in my role as a member of the steering committee for the forthcoming Fal River Autumn Walking Festival (FRAWF) I was keen that they were party to this forthcoming opportunity to make visitors and locals aware of their work, their fine stewardship of the landscape and their sheer infectious pleasure in working within nature and its limitless bounty.

But alas, like many organisations that rely on membership, donations and selling their knowledge and understanding as consultants it is the public that will be worse off for a possible absence of the worthy organisation in the very heartland and organised festival atmosphere where they should dwell as primary partners.The FRAWF committee will work on getting them sponsorship to underwrite a walk or appearance at the festival as champions of the landscape we sometimes take for granted or think we understand.

Did I add that to a person Cornwall Wildlife Trust are also humble with it? This, in the often gaudy, hedonistic and abrasive world of promotion is awesome. Anyone out there who knows someone or is indeed the someone with a minimum of £50 to sponsor the CWT to appear at the walking festival so that they can spread the gospel and infect you with ebullience about the environment?

Hands up now. Yes you, you at the front, staring at the screen.