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 I just wanted to thank you again for a really lovely week's walking. We could not have been more blessed with the weather, and seeing those glorious beaches and panoramic views without the summer crowds was exceptional. 

–Jillian P, UK

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Walking holiday in Cornwall May 9th-13th 2011

Seal watching on the Carracks St Ives walkitcornwall

It’s a back-to-back walking week, in fact the third week in a row and we are still awaiting a heavy downpour. Oh, I spoke too soon. Monday morning it fell down as we headed to Portreath. But ten minutes of delaying tactics in the van, chatting about the symbols of Cornwall and the reintroduction of the Chough and the clouds cleared, the rain stopped and off we went on our first of five days of walking. Not a drop of rain for the next four and a half days with the wind veering from the south to the north west by Friday.

Our guests on the Adventureline/ walkitcornwall partnership walking week were Sophie, Jean Claude, Antje, Maureen, Cecelia and Tricia representing Switzerland, Germany, the USA and the mighty Essex and Leicestershire.

Jess of course lead a couple of days walks. Feel free to review Jess on previous blogs. She has a wet nose and four paws and is an integral part of the walkitcornwall set up.

Zennor on Tuesday on the south west coast path where the path is more a case of leaping over large granite boulders than a gentle amble but the landscape’s rewards are equal to the size of the rocks one has to traverse. Simply stunning scenery and your thighs and calves know you have been on a walk in the Wild West. Wednesday we were at the southernmost point on the Lizard peninsula taking in Kynance cove all the way round to Church cove.

Thursday we took the King Harry’s Ferry across the Fal river to the Roseland Peninsula where we walked around Froe, Place, St Anthony’s Head and the beaches at Porthbeor and Towan where we all paddled whilst tea was served on the beach. Friday we enjoyed the gentle undulations of the Helford River before treating ourselves to a proper cream tea at the Budock Vean hotel.

Both Adventureline and walkitcornwall have quite a few more walking weeks available for booking so check both the websites and the dates we will be going. There are so many day walks to do and the programme varies according to tides, wind direction and weather. Plus requests are taken into account. For a more detailed itinerary of the walking weeks just get in touch.

aquamarine sea at housel bay walking holiday in cornwall walkitcornwallwindow at place church roseland walking break in cornwall walkitcornwalllousewort on day walk in cornwall walkitcornwall

helford-passage-beach walking break cornwall walkitcornwallwaterfall-near-portreath walking holiday walkitcornwallscones jam and cream at budock vean hotel walking break walkitcornwall

did-the-earth-move-for-you-john-walking holiday in cornwall walkitcornwallhousel bay walking break in cornwall walkitcornwallfritillary butterfly on sea pink on a walk in cornwall walkitcornwall

dancing on porthzennor beach penwith walking in cornwall walkitcornwalla rock face photo walking break in cornwall walkitcornwallsouth west coast path zennor head walkitcornwall walking holidays

helford passage walking in cornwall walkitcornwall holidayswicca-pool walking holiday in cornwall walkitcornwall