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"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured". - Mark Twain

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The scenery, flowers and birds, coupled with your wealth of knowledge, really made for a super few days. It was so nice spending time taking it all in, without the need to rush to the next destination. The dynamics of the friendly group merely added to the enjoyment. The week went all too quickly so, who knows, I may return for more! Do thank Ceri for the lovely sandwiches and the chickens for the eggs!

- Maureen N, UK.

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What the devil's going on? Is it a frying pan or what?

butter hole padstow walking vacation in cornwall walkitcornwall


We contemplated the name, the Devil’s Frying Pan near Cadgwith on the Lizard peninsula, because I mistakenly called it the Devil’s Punchbowl, after the so named place in Surrey. Well obviously it was something kitchen related. So where in the UK is the Devils Fondue Set, I wonder?

Another sunny and warm walking week in Cornwall in tandem with Adventureline with a threat of rain that only made a guest appearance 20 minutes from the end of the last day.

Inconsiderately there was also a shower rudely interrupting the Friday morning that had us scrambling for the waterproofs. However it developed into a Homo sapiens-cumulus game of staring. And what do you know? The heat won. We didn’t care if it was raining; it was just too warm for waterproofs.

The roll call was Pam and Melissa from the USA and Theresa from Germany. Jess made a guest appearance on Tuesday. And spoilt rotten she was too with carrots and Markies flying in from all angles. Lots of hugs and that was just for Jess.

I’m going to have to find another way to describe aquamarine blue seas. Padstow bound we were from Trevone bay keeping out of the way of the large collapsed cave near Porthmissen bridge. A band of limestone surrounded by the intrusive dolerite weakened the cliff face and caused the cave to form which then collapsed. There, in the middle of a gently angled grass covered cliff is a giant hole. Breathtaking every time as an innate homage to the forces that have caused the chasm.

It was not the only one we saw this week. The Lions Den at the southernmost point close to the lighthouse; the wonderful cave at Holywell Bay which we saw on Thursday and the largest of them all the Devil’s frying pan at Cadgwith where we visited Tuesday.

Wednesday was the ever popular (well with me that is) Minack and Nanjizal Bay especially because Theresa already had a ticket for the evening performance of the Globe’s Hamlet. We couldn’t get another two tickets for Melissa and Pam for love nor money.

Friday was the Helford River as it had been threatening rain and we wanted to see some woodland, river catchment area and sea and this is the perfect walk for a great mixture of habitats and landscape.

The weather threatened on Friday but unlike the Globe’s actors the rain nearly forgot its entrance and effect on the audience. Lucky ol’ us.

Now where’s the fondue set?

nanjizal on a walking vacation in cornwall walkitcornwallbacon-n-eggs-birdfoot-trefoil guided walking vacation in cornwall walkitcornwallcadgwith on a guided walking vacation in cornwall walkitcornwall

moody helford river guided walking vacation in cornwall walkitcornwallsea-holly guided walking vacation in cornwall walkitcornwallhelford-passage walking on a guided vacation walkitcornwall

musk-mallow guided walking vacation in cornwall walkitcornwallgull visits on a guided walking vacation in cornwall walkitcornwallheather nanjizal bay penwith guided walking holiday in cornwall walkitcornwall

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