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  "When I die, I'm leaving my body to science fiction." — Steven Wright

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 I just wanted to thank you again for a really lovely week's walking. We could not have been more blessed with the weather, and seeing those glorious beaches and panoramic views without the summer crowds was exceptional. 

–Jillian P, UK

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My personal philosophy of walking

Low tide scrambling. The Cornwall coast is a new land.

The Camel estuary on a walking vacation in Cornwall

Very low tides mean scrambling! Very low tides mean you can see the Cornish landscape from an unusual angle where the sea floor is revealed and a different vista can be enjoyed. Caves can be explored, geology viewed close up that might not be exposed further up on the Coast Path. New beaches are yours to run about on whilst islands, so often out of reach can be accessed and conquered.

Low tide coastline becomes a new playground for walkers.

We had the pleasure of all this, this week and we took advantage of it. At Portreath especially at Porth-cadjack Cove we could scramble for an hour over the exposed beaches and rocks. The Kynance Cove caves have very Victorian names like the Parlour and the Drawing Room. We could stand in them and imagine Queen Victoria and Prince Albert exploring the rooms of “new Marble” as Serpentine was called. Along the coast at Housel Bay some intrepid and brave souls were flinging themselves off of the rocks into the sea. Ah, youth!

Padstow and the Camel estuary at low tide means one can miss out on the coast path for quite a distance. Such a low tide as it was this week meant we could access the beach from Hawkers Cove a couple of miles up the estuary from Padstow itself. The bay at Nanjizal in Penwith a couple of miles from Lands End is spectacular at any time but with low tide one can wade out to sand banks immersed in aquamarine sea. Finally for those who love exploring rock pools the Helford River around Rosemullion Head allows one to indulge safely in a rock pool heaven for a good couple of hours either side of low tide. Our family favour Gatamala cove as there are some great stretches of beach, rock corridors and coves revealed for exploring too.

This weeks role call care of Martin at Adventureline included Ilona and Ruprecht and Ursula and Kathleen from Germany, Kathryn and Jeremy from the USA and Susan from Devon. Check the walkitcornwall facebook page for larger versions of the photos.

Heather and gorse in september in Cornwall walkitcornwallp1050726-200-x-267Housel bay jumping off the rocks walkitcornwall walking holidays

Helford River relaxation in Cornwall walking holiday walkitcornwallHousel Bay walking holiday in Cornwall walkitcornwallwalkers at nanjizal bay walkitcornwall

lizard on the Helford River walkitcornwall walking holidays in cornwall photobutter hole padstow walking break in cornwalllow tide at kynance cove walkitcornwall

walking up to Gwennap Head penwith walking in Cornwall photopentreath beach at low tide photo walking in cornwalllunch spot number 320 around Cornwalls coast walkitcornwall photo

group photo on kynance cove walking holidayheather and gorse photo


Check the walkitcornwall facebook site for larger versions of the photos