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"We are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars". - Oscar Wilde

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I would like to tell you I have really appreciated the week we spent together. I thank you for your patience and your support in my english training!

- Marie B, France

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My personal philosophy of walking

Autumns approach: An awareness of change

autumnal waves the sea at Carn les boel walking in cornwall

Intensity: Wind: Light: Waves: Perfect insects’ final dance: Natures last throw of the dice: Birds knowledgeable, warbling their mournful autumnal tunes. Blink and you miss the subtlety of change; the announcement that we are in the death throws of growth and vibrancy and we are entering the time of decay, death and reinvention.

If you are tuned in to natures warning then sit back and enjoy the intensity. Of crashing waves: of the last dance of butterflies that care not for which species they have their final flutter with: of mists hugging hills: of ripples in the warm wind that fast forward in their restricted rock pools.

Blink and you will miss the signposts of autumn on the coast. Step wisely and slowly along the coast path taking it all in. Remember it will be months before we can take new exhilarating steps celebrating the advent of spring colours and mother natures renewed energy.

We ride our luck with the weather and manage to find the places that catch the last days of Cornwall’s duet with nature. In a matter of days the flowers have turned to mourning, wearing natures death tuxedo of the panoply of brown shades. We search for colour and it is there. In brooding blue, no more aquamarine in the sea: in fading and tattered butterfly wings whilst vivid and electrifying in berries and lichen. One must be physically aware of the delicate spin of webs that adorn rocks, bushes and across paths: the casts of lugworms and the few last calls of birdsong that have thinned out to the native and local trills searching vainly for the migrants songs.

Welcome autumn. Thank you for your pronouncement and final flourish. The light dims suddenly, earlier in the day that we have been used to and we ascend the final cliff to the Minack theatre.

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berries in abundance autumn walking in cornwall walkitcornwalllichen in autumn walking holiday in cornwall walkitcornwalllast butterflies' dance walking vacation in cornwall

walking vacation in cornwall walkers in cornwallsnail on hottentot fig walking break in cornwallpenwith mist walking holiday in cornwall

porth chapel beach penwith walking in cornwall holiday photoporthzennor beach turning of the tide walking break in cornwallnanjizal in mist walking vacation in cornwall photo

last insect of autumn walking in cornwall photohousel bay rocks walking in cornwall photolugworm porthzennor cove walking  holiday in cornwall walkitcornwall

watching for seals penwith carracks walking in cornwallautumn ivy walking vacation in cornwall photogwennap head rocks walking on cornwall photo

final rose walking in cornwall autumnautumn bird walking in cornwall photowave plumes walking in cornwall holiday photo

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autumn sea surprise walking in cornwall photo