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 I just wanted to thank you again for a really lovely week's walking. We could not have been more blessed with the weather, and seeing those glorious beaches and panoramic views without the summer crowds was exceptional. 

–Jillian P, UK

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Vacances de Randonnées en Cornouailles

Porthcothan, Treyarnon, Constantine, Mother Iveys and Harlyn Bays

trevose head lifeboat station 600 x 450

I have to remind myself that today I am the only one on the beach at Treyarnon whereas in high season there can be thousands of people staking their claim of their bit of beach. We are friends with a family who have sat year after year on the same part of the beach - for over 40 years. It proves that once in the blood, Cornwall is so hard to expunge.

We all love deserted beaches and today in March it is a mild day with little breeze. Just Jess and myself and a round walk of about 9 miles (16kms). I will put this walk up on the freebie page as today for the first time I  used my Memory Map GPS and so all the waypoints will be available once I get my head round how to convert it and put it on the website.

These north coast beaches are wonderful, very popular with the surfing community and the families who want a great beach based holiday and want to stay in the caravan and holiday parks. The facilities and positions of these parks are great and there are long lists of families waiting a long time to buy a week.

The south west coast path is well marked on this coast but it is well worth exploring the headlands and coves getting close to the edge and looking into caves and bays that the coast path often skirts. There are a number of benches, all donated and adorned with plaques of devotees to the path and the local areas. There are some interesting stories, I am sure, behind some of the lives celebrated by these seats and one day I will look deeper into these and make a coffee book of the "Country Seats of the Cornwall coast path" - you heard it here first.

Jess is now about 8 years old and this was her first good walk of the year. We now have a "sprocker" spaniel called Dan who is too young to go gallavanting on the high cliffs of the coast path. His time will come and I think Jess enjoyed the solitude away from a young, extremely proactive puppy. Smells and space all to herself. Well we both needed the training also as it is early in the season and we are not exactly "match fit" yet.

Tough eh? We will have to do a bit more walking then to bring you all the reports and images of Cornwall. dirty job but........

More images of this walk on our facebook page at

constantine bay 600 x 450porthcothan beach 2 600 x 450mother iveys to trevone and to stepper point 600 x 450

mother iveys bay 600 x 450