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"We try to connect the sensations of the body with the paths we cross"- Emmanuel Gault

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We had a great time with you as our fearless guide. Loved it all especially the colours of Cornwall. We really enjoyed the pace of the walks. It allowed me to lag and take photos and be one with the land. Also it allowed me to fantasize about the smugglers and customs men dashing along the trails.

–Pam V, USA

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My personal philosophy of walking

Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing in Cornwall

paul simmons shinrin yoku

Shinrin Yoku comes to Cornwall with your practitioner Paul Simmons.

What is Shinrin Yoku aka Forest Bathing?

Being in a forest or woodland is hardwired into our DNA as over the past 7 million years of being hominids (we split to become the genus Homo and developed to become modern humans) we have spent 99.99% of our time in the woodland environment.

It is fair to say that we are missing the immersion in nature and the physical and psychological parts of our being are telling us exactly that. Right now through being stressed and through the undefinable awe of nature it is innate as humans to need regular and constant connection to our woodland environment.

Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing utilises all our senses in a very slow and playful way, connecting an individual with the environment of the woods. Forests have always had restorative and energising qualities that have been clinically proven to act as a preventitive of a multitude of modern day illnesses and they naturally give us a sense of well being.

bole with a hole  in death is life

I've discovered that over the past 20 years of slow walking and interacting with all my senses with nature I have been practicing Shinrin Yoku all along in subtle ways with my guests. But as a new practitioner in the official Shinrin Yoku family I will be adding my own Invitations. These are tasks or suggestions of how to begin and enjoy being immersed in Nature through specific sensory dialogues with Nature each one lasting a short while or letting it go on for longer depending on the task involved in the Invitation.

Together we will be exploring the tried and tested Japanese way of Shinrin Yoku or forest bathing and I will add my  own interpretation from what I have learned personally over the past 20 years of leading walks.

In 2008 I was part of academic research into the benefits of walking in the green gym and the blue gym - the woods and by the sea to you and me. Additionally as a musician and improvisor for over 35 years I also know how to put my own stamp on established practices and react intuitively to what is in front of me. I have my own way of engaging with the landscape and enjoying Nature in its purest way.

Nature is boss, it has the first and last word and we are just a small part of the interconnected web of life. Indeed we are just stewards of the cycle and our dominant paradigm of modern, fast, consumptive living can only survive by making sure we are disconnected from what we have naturally been immersed in.

Our natural woodland habitat. They are natural healers through many different ways and for those in doubt it has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure, be a preventitive against many modern day stressful conditions and guaranteed to lift ones spirits and outlook.


I am a professional guide and total enthusiast for Nature and I promise that I will invite you to open up some playful and deeper ways to explore any forest or wood through your senses of smell, touch, hearing, taste and sight so you will value and appreciate the wonders of being in a wood and enjoy their restorative quality.

I will inspire you and guide you in different ways to reconnect, to enthuse you with the healthy benefits of being slow, thoughtful, interactive and peaceful in this, our original natural playground.

oh majesty holne01

It is truly amazing what two to three hours in a wood can do for your psyche, your immune system and your total physical and mental health. I've used the saying "Solvitur ambulado" many a time. It means solve it through walking.

This is slow walking, a woodland wander where a walk could be just a mile or two over three hours. It's sitting, it's observing movement, smells and sounds, A complete tactile environment that awaits you, and opens you up to a new way of appreciating your surroundings and your place within nature.

Romantic notions? Yes and I've been a traditional walker for many years with up to 9 miles in a day of walking. However I love this approach of Shinrin Yoku that shows through various exercises and invitations I can appreciate the overwhelming beauty of the forest or woodland utilising all my senses.

For the first few months following my first course in June '19 to instruct me to be a practitioner I will be offering free walks in the woods of Cornwall.

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06 helford oaks

walkitcornwall walks in Europe

I have decided to cut back on my overseas travel but I'm still keeping Corfu.

Corfu is so special.

For the 7th year.

2020 it is October 15th - 24th  Check the page.

phoca thumb l p1180957

phoca thumb l p1180913

The Isles of Scilly guided walking week


Not just one but two guided walking weeks on the Isles of Scilly 2021 in May and September

Dates 2021 are Saturday 8th - 15th May and Saturday 11th - 18th September

p1140349 540x

If you're interested in getting more information then Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser.

2019 we went twice and they were both fully booked.

After 18 years of walking in Cornwall I finally added not one but two guided walking holidays on the Isles of Scilly. 8 days and 7 nights with 5 main islands to walk around. Having spent this past April over there for 11 days the Islands sprinkled their magic over me and I am smitten. I did my research and went for two separate weeks in 2019. 12 people in April and 11 in September.

The sub tropical islands have wonderful views, stories, archaeological history and maritime heritage plus the flora and fauna are all very special, especially with the thousands of propagated plants and trees on view in the famous Abbey Gardens on Tresco which we will visit.

We stay overlooking the bay of the main port of Hugh Town on St Mary's and take the boats in the morning to different islands and spend a day on each of the main islands so we see them top to toe.


p1140364 p1140272

The Isles of Scilly are full of the stories of legends, shipwrecks and strategic importance and it has the highest amount of burial chambers and antiquities in Western Europe which for the small overall amount of landspace is a phenomenal achievement.

The everchanging weather and colours will mean that you are constantly checking 360 degree views and the night skies when it is clear is awe inspiring with the arm of the Milky Way clearly visible.

p1140337 p1140305 p1140631

I am limited to around 12/14 people for the trips so if you are interested Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser.

Although only 27 miles from the Cornish coast it is another world. Getting there, you can take the three hour boat trip from Penzance, an extremely regular 20 minute plane ride or the new helicopter from a variety of places. I will help with all the permutations and organise how you will get there. All you do is turn up and I, as efver will organise your week. We travel to and from the islands by boat with trips between 15 and 30 minutes to and from the main islands. some days the sea is calm and others not so and the local saying is "there's a sea out there" when a little choppy:-).

Although there are 5 main islands there are only 2200 people who live on the Islands and there are stretches of beaches that will not have another soul on them. A beach to ourselves more often than not as we traverse the coastal paths around the islands.


1140269 540x

The walking is graded easy as the highest point is only 51m above sea level. However we do walk between 6 and 10 miles per day and you can go scrambling up a few granite tors or skirt around them as you so wish.

For gardening fans, we also visit the famous Abbey Gardens on Tresco home of thousands of sub tropical plants from around the world.

  p1140493 p1140496 p1140665

Interested? Then Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. for the Isles of Scilly guided walking holiday 2021.

Saturday 8th - 15th May OR Saturday 11th - Saturday 18th September 2021.

p1140137 p1140435 p1140660

Corfu guided walking holiday

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Our eighth year. Thursday 14th - Saturday 23rd October 2021 (TBC).

10 days 9 nights. Plus a day trip over to beautiful Albania.

phoca thumb l p1110329

Don't forget you can buy the DVD of ITV's The Durrells to get a flavour of the island. If there is enough interest we can go to the " village", a special site where they have filmed a lot of the scenes. however we often walk past some of the scenes from the series on our day walks.

Geführter Wanderurlaub auf Korfu, Griechenland

Fancy a guided walking holiday in Corfu? For an in depth look at the holiday Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. and we will send you a more detailed pdf doc with itinerary and more photos.

Summary of our Corfu guided walking holiday:-

  • 9 nights with 5 full days of walking, half days ambling and visits stretching over 10 days.
  • 2021 dates Thursday October 14th- Saturday 23rd.
  • 2 wonderful hotels for 6 and 3 days respectively; in the capital Corfu Town (Kerkyra) and in Kassiopi a historic coastal village on the North East coast.
  • Day trip to Albania 2kms away as the crow flies to the coastal town of Sarande and the UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site of Butrint
  • One experienced and knowledgeable local guide plus myself (Paul of walkitcornwall) and various experts accompanying us on some of the walks.
  • Lots of extras (see below) including 2 welcome meze meals, lunch in a taverna up in the mountains, a full day around Corfu town, 5 picnic lunches, CD-ROM of your trip and much more.
  • Walks are varied, along the coast and in the mountains including selected parts of the official 220kms Corfu Trail. This trail unveiled in 2001 crosses the island and runs north-south yet takes in a lot of the western and eastern coasts and the northern mountains and hills.
  • Price on Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. doc includes accommodation, coach travel to and from walks, guides, airport transfers, lunches, trips and extras (see below) but not flights or 8 out of 9 evening meals.

  • Request a Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. to be sent you now.

phoca thumb m p1100734

We go walking in Corfu on the trails and footpaths that have enabled ancient people, pilgrims, farmers and visitors to traverse the greenest island in the Ionian collection of islands.

We walk in October as the island winds down from a busy summer season so we walk when the island is alive with autumn flowers.

We explore the mountain villages and the coast, ambling in olive groves and woodlands visiting the parts unaltered over centuries.

The hospitality is open, enthusiastic and giving when all one needs to do is greet the locals in their own language with a cursory "hello".

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Our 2021 itinerary:-

  1. Arrive on a Thursday 14th October.
  2. Friday we have a day out together in Corfu Town with a Blue Badge guide and our host Sue our local agent.
  3. 3 full days of walks based around Corfu Town and Paleokastritsa.
  4. Day trip to Sarande and Butrint across the water in Albania.
  5. Wednesday 20th is the day to move hotels and enjoy a coastal walk or relax around the traditional historic coastal village of Kassiopi.
  6. 2 more full days of walks based around Kassiopi, northern Corfu.
  7. Depart on Saturday 23rd.
  8. You can extend your stay if you wish before or after.
  9. For details of the two wonderful hotels we are staying at and their accommodation facilities Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. .
  • Beautiful beaches, woodlands, olive groves, ancient tracks, pilgrim routes and mountain passes away from the tourist gaze.
  • We will be walking with local guides and other experts experiencing the archaeology, geology, architecture, Greek mythology, Byzantine, Venetian, French and British influences, the Greek Orthodox religion and the wonderful flora and fauna.
  • We will eat locally sourced and freshly grown and caught food catering for all requirements.
  • Corfiot hospitality is renowned for being friendly, helpful and relaxed. "Avrio" is manana without the sense of urgency.

phoca thumb m p1100985  phoca thumb s p1110235  phoca thumb m p1110030

Extras included in the price of are:-

  1. Picnic lunches on all our walks and day trips (the day trip to Albania).
  2. At least two guides on each walk.
  3. All transfers to and from the airport and between hotels.
  4. Professional guide for part of the whole day where we walk around the vicinity of Corfu Town.
  5. Two welcome meze meals plus lunch in a wonderful taverna in Old Perithia up in the mountains.
  6. Natural history experts accompanying us on walks.
  7. CD ROM sent post holiday of the photos taken on the trip or on Dropbox to share.
  8. A tour of the Durrells village where they filmed many scenes from the series if enough interest.

For more information and details about this wonderful walking holiday in Corfu Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. and we will send a pdf document to you. Or just email with some questions and start a conversation.

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Poldark tour and walking holiday in Cornwall

Saturday May 29th - 6th June 2021. Poldark tour in Cornwall. 7 nights with the usual 5 days of tours and walks. 6th Year.

Would you like to walk in the landscape where Poldark was filmed? We did successfully for five years between 2015 and 2019. We chose the week when they were filming for the first four years where we watched the cast and crew film the following series. 2019 was the airing of the 5th and final series so we didn't get to see them but spent more time at the sites where they had filmed.


Want to tour around the actual places where they shot the external scenes of the critically acclaimed and long awaited drama?

Immerse yourself in the scenery of where Winston Graham's stories of Russ Poldark were written.

We include locations from both the new 2015/9 series and the original 1975 series.



walkitcornwall offers you 5 days of walks and tours following in the footsteps of your favourite characters that have once again enchanted the world on the small screen.

What you get is a complete understanding of the background to the stories. I walk with you and tell you stories of the miners, the wreckers and the families of Cornwall. We take in the industrial and mining heritage that took so many Cornish families abroad to "the next parish", to America, Australia and South Africa.


Writers, artists and many creative people have been influenced by this unique landscape and we explore many areas of Cornwall in our private VW minibus.

We will take you around Cornwall for five days, feed you, force you to have pasties, cream teas and ice creams while walking off the calories.

We will be immersed in the landscape where the scenes were shot for the new series of Poldark. Below I am standing on the beach where the shipwreck scene was filmed.


As part of the cultural partnership with tourism businesses walkitcornwall is in the position to lead the way, literally, on a professionally produced and endorsed walking and touring holiday.

cornwall365 yellow


 In association with Cornwall 365 bringing Cornish Culture and Business together.

phoca thumb l poldark 17

Stay in Falmouth at one of our recommended accommodation providers who we have worked with for many years. 7 nights with 5 days of tours and walks. You need to be able to walk up to 5 miles per day where the terrain is cliffs, beaches, headlands, heathlands and moors.




 For more details Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. and we can send you all you need to know


About us

Paul Simmons lives around Penryn in Cornwall. Home (with a small "h") is just a place to sleep whereas the paths and landscape of Cornwall are really Home (with the big "H").

your guide paul simmons 1

Hi, I'm Paul. I have an office at the Tremough Innovation Centre at the University of Exeter Tremough Campus at Penryn. I also have the South West Mountain and Moorland Camping Leader award recognised by the British Mountain Council and MLTE (Mountain Leaders Training England) and I'm qualified to go "wild camping” on the Moors. I am fully insured to take walks on the Moors and all paths in the South West. I was a committee member of the South West Coast Path Association representing the Lizard from Porthleven to Falmouth and over to the Roseland peninsula and up to Mevagissey. 80 miles (128 km) of fabulous coast path. I've been a qualified Green Guide since 2001 and presently I am an ambassador for CoaST (Sustainable Tourism network), for Cornwall 365 and for the World Heritage Network.

In 2008 I completed an MA in Cornish Studies at the Institute of Cornish Studies which involves cultural, historic, social, political and economic studies. My dissertation is about the public and professional attitudes to the conservation of the biodiversity on the Lizard. I also have a National Certificate in Practical Habitat Management from Merrist Wood College Surrey.

I take tours twice a week when not walking around the Lizard peninsula and all places far west for the Clowance Estate guests all year round in his trusty VW 9 seater named Ellie by the children. 6 hours of not having to drive for everybody else and we get to the backwaters and under the skin of the places we explore.

paul s by sue l 150 x 200I've worked for the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at the Wetland Centre, Barnes London on their 105 acre as an explainer in the education department setting up and co ordinating various educational programmes. Pond dipping and inaugurating an Earth time line are favourites. I am absilutely passionate about Environmental Education because for the next generations if they don't know what is out there they will not care about it and it will be lost. So I'm looking to get funding to roll out programmes to be shown/ shared and taught in schools.

I'm also a singer songwriter and have a new album out February 2017. I have been a professional piano entertainer and session player for 32 years. "From Cole Porter to Coldplay, Gershwin to Green Day". I still play and sing in Cornwall providing the entertainment at many venues in the evening.

Paul (Jan 2017).

Why a guided walk in Cornwall?

phoca thumb l p1190600 1200 x 900

Cornwall is the southwestern archipelago of Britain.

A Celtic country or an English county?
phoca thumb l P1010385

Somewhere in between lies the answer. Unmistakeably, the Cornish landscape is spectacular. We love walking and we love showing people the best of Cornwall. We walk at a leisurely pace, we talk, we laugh, and we are amazed.

Aquamarine seas, undulating paths over cliffs, bays, headlands, heath, woodland and estuary. We will witness the many moods of the sea and the interaction between humanity and the landscape. We have chosen the best views and the best walks Cornwall has to offer. We know Cornwall intimately as only a company that walks 365 days through this wonderful landscape can.

The love of walking the Cornish landscape

walkitcornwall’s walking guests are encouraged to discover and understand the unique DNA of each area of Cornwall through the many layers that make up the stories of Cornwall.

phoca thumb l bluebell woods 2These layers define this unique part of the UK through its unparalleled natural history, culture, industrial and nautical heritage and the layers are brought alive through physically exploring a variety of mainly coastal sites and habitats on both circular and linear walks. The layers also include Cornwall’s history of fishing, farming and mining, Methodism, myths and legends, archaeology, art and literature and the stories and symbols of Celticism.

kynance 200x150

Cornish Stories

There is not one story of Cornwall but many stories and many Cornwall’s. Without its physical detachment from Britain there would be no independent cultural identity. Without its unique geology and biodiversity there would be no sparse settlements and symbiotic human relationship with the land and sea. Without the myths and legends or indeed ancient physical remnants there would be no romanticism and mystery that has bought thousands of artists and writers to this periphery of a Celtic kingdom. Without the independent, tough and inventive people there would not have been the industrial know how and heritage spread throughout the four corners of the globe.

phoca thumb m paul overlooking nanjizal 2phoca thumb m scarlet pimpernelFor you and me and indeed each individual there is a certain, specific and special Cornwall. It is each walking guests’ idea of what Cornwall is that is important to us at walkitcornwall. Let us explore these ideas of what Cornwall is, together.

The walks: Where we go

From Falmouth, where we stay, one hour east is the vast open moor of Bodmin Moor. The Moor is central to the coastal towns of Padstow in the north and Fowey in the south all linked by the long distance path of the Saints Way.

One hour west is the Celtic stronghold of Penwith where stone circles, quoits and dolmen stones tell an ancient historical story and myths and legends abound in every craggy headland.

The north coast is a stark contrast to the more gentle south coast and is anything from half an hour away stretching up to an hours drive to Port Isaac and Padstow down to Zennor and St Ives.

We also cross the Fal river to the Roseland Peninsula, an enclave of narrow winding roads, quiet coves with magnificent beaches. Time stands still as we slowly walk the coast path, estuaries and fields of the Roseland.

We spend five days 9-5 going to five different places in Cornwall returning to Falmouth each evening.

Falmouth: Where we stay.

The maritime town of Falmouth has the 3rd deepest water terminal in the world after Sydney and Rio de Janeiro.

It was also home to the Falmouth Packets, the forerunner of the Post Office that delivered packages all around the world.

phoca thumb s estuary amsterdam pointFalmouth overlooks the Carrick Roads. This is the expanse of water that includes the Fal and Percuil rivers, the former leads up to Truro, the latter being the maritime entrance to the Roseland peninsula.

Opposite is St Mawes and if one follows the coast south there is 42kms of shoreline of the exquisite Helford River, the gateway to the Lizard peninsula.

Pendennis and St Mawes castles guard the entrance to the Carrick Roads with the town of Penryn and the city of Truro up river.

The award winning Maritime museum in Falmouth is definately worth a visit at one end of the ribbon development that is the main shopping area.

There are an excellent variety of shops, galleries and coffee houses to watch the world go by or for just gazing at the harbour and coastline.

There are numerous banks for international visitors and Falmouth is a major stop off for cruise liners.

There are music and drama productions, gallery shows and films to be seen and heard every day of the week, all year round which phoca thumb m falmouth marinais also why we base our guests here for our walking holidays and vacations.

I call Falmouth the walking capital of Cornwall as it is the gateway to the best walking in Cornwall. To the south there is the unique Lizard peninsula (we also do a walking holiday around the Lizard coast on the south west coast path). Just across the water to the east is the Roseland peninsula commanded by Truro, St Mawes and the Fal River.


Two of the more famous places we might visit are St Michaels Mount at Marazion and the Minack Theatre at Porthcurno.  

phoca thumb l minack 1

 phoca thumb l st michaels mount

Billy Joel and Paul Simmons duet and Countryfile with Matt Baker and Paul Simmons

A few years ago (well over a decade ago) Billy Joel came to London and he recorded for TV and radio a Masterclass session, the idea being that the audience would ask questions and he would attempt to answer them whilst playing a few songs from his back catalogue. All were genuine questions and he didn’t know how it was going to go and what he would be asked.

Now a good friend of mine Vic, was at that time a journalist with connections. He managed not only to blag three tickets but my wife was allowed on stage to photograph him with the professionals for a minute or two. Did they cotton on yet I wondered as the paparazzi laden with lenses, cases and tripods were accompanied by an instamatic toting beauty. He smiled and she got some great shots.

So on to the Q&A session. We were right at the back of the auditorium whilst the questioners were asked to wait for the boom mike to get to them before asking their question. No way for us as we were way at the back and the boom man wasn’t going to hike into the gods. Well, I am endowed with a boom of my own, the decibel of my voice and so at a precise moment after he answered a question I shouted “Hey Billy, right at the back here”. “Man, you have a loud voice, go on”.

“well Billy I have been a piano bar player and I reckon I’ve played more Billy Joel than you” (audience thankfully laugh) and I do have a question but more importantly I would like to ask…..can I play with you now?”

Now two things crossed my mind, one immediately and the other not until a bit too late. A girl had been up on stage and had sung with him and, well, she wasn’t exactly tuneful, so I thought once bitten… no he wouldn’t. “Well what shall I do?” he ponders, “Yeah” go the audience. He starts waving, gesturing for me to come on down. Watch the clip as you see him scratching his beard, his eyes checking me out as I descend at pace to the front of the stage. The second thing? I hadn’t a clue what I was going to play! A potential professional suicide there and then, on TV and radio.

Cue the You Tube clip. Enjoy.


Paul Simmons and Matt Baker on BBC Countryfile


“Hello this is the BBC, are you Paul Simmons?” Just the usual phone call ….not! “You’ve been given to us by a couple of people”. “OK fine what can I do for you?” “Well they say you know something about the south west coast path and we have Countryfile doing a piece on walking the south west coast path” says the voice.

So, many thanks to the south west coast path team and SWCPA for recommending me as I spent a lovely day with Matt Baker and his producer, sound man, camera man and assistant at three locations on the Lizard talking about the choughs, geology and the “false” Falmouth built by Elstree studios in the 2nd world war at Nare point to deflect the bombs away from the actual town. We had lunch at the fabulous Down by the River café at Helford and what turned out to be about six hours of filming ended up as a one minute piece on the BBC Countryfile programme that you can see below.

Dartmoor Guided Walking Holiday

For the fourth year we are going to walk on Dartmoor in 2021.  Saturday 26th June to Saturday 3rd July. If you are interested then email me to register your interest.

7 nights at the superb Moorland Garden Hotel, Yelverton and six days of walks and tours.

One of my favourite places in the world. Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. to be sent to you now

Dartmoor is just too immense to capture, not only on camera but within ones mortal heart and imagination. If the landscape of Dartmoor could talk it would sigh; a deep, sonorous, knowledgeable sigh lasting eons. A Romantic interpretation? Yup! It has that effect.



  • Dartmoor is the largest expanse of unglaciated upland in Great Britain and the largest Granite surface in England.
  • In terms of wildlife Dartmoor is internationally important due to its blanket bogs, wet heaths, oak woodlands and cave system whilst nationally important for its rhos pastures, valley mires and grass moors.
  • There are 28 key species and 15 key wildlife habitats.
  • It has been a National Park since 1951.
  • 65% of Dartmoor is granite intruding 295 million years ago into the surrounding Devonian slate, shales and sandstone.
  • Tin, copper, lead, silver and iron have been mined on Dartmoor over the centuries. Many of the mine workings and old tramways are still there to see.
  • Archaeological remains include 1200 scheduled monuments including one of the only areas to see collections of burial chambers, cairns, stone rows and circles and round houses dating back 6000 years. We visit Grimspound an enclosure of huts from the Middle Bronze Age.
  • Dartmoor ponies (around 1500 of them) are essential to the conservation of the Moors and so they graze much of the area of Common Land.
  • There are 766 footpaths with 727kms to walk with 47000 hectares of public access. Should be enough for a week:-)
  • Around 34000 people live within Dartmoor National Park with Ashburton its largest town with 4000 people.



The walking holiday on Dartmoor in brief:-

  • 7 nights Saturday to Saturday.
  • 5 full days and two half days of walking and visits included.
  • Dinner, bed and breakfast included at the marvellous Moorland Garden Hotel
  • Packed lunches, transportation, special visits and CD ROM of photos of the weeks walks included.
  • Group will be between minimum 5 and 9 people.

 dsc03366 p1160766

dartmoor torsThe walking day on Dartmoor starts with a great breakfast at the hotel and we go out between 9 and 9.30am in Ellie the walkitcornwall VW 9 seater to any of the many areas we have in our itinerary for our days walk which will be between 5 and 8 miles (8- 12kms). We return at between 5 & 6 pm to enjoy dinner and the facilities of the hotel.

With 15 key wildlife habitats and landscapes of international and national importance there are 448 miles (774km) of footpaths and access to hundreds of square miles of all the common land. There are many walks to choose from. With over 50% of the landscape over 300metres and 16% above 460metres there will always be views to enjoy in the 368 square mile (954 sq km) National Park not forgetting archaeological sites dating back 6000 years, ancient woodlands and of course the Dartmoor ponies.

Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. to help you decide whether you would like to come for a great walking holiday with us to Dartmoor

Dartmoor is an area of countryside identified by its unique combination of physical landscape, culture, wildlife and land use.






phoca thumb m p1180380 phoca thumb s p1180404 phoca thumb m p1180398

dartmoor 02  dartmoor 15 dartmoor 26

Explore Cornwall's Coast & Countryside with walkitcornwall

phoca thumb l P1040688

Our new 2020 guided walking programme is now ready, below.

Where do we walk?

Cornwall 11 times a year

Isles of Scilly in May and September

Corfu in October

Dartmoor June/July

Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. Paul, for details and a brochure.

p1150878 p1170190


Start FinishInformation



Cornwall Guided Walks are from Monday to Friday. Stay Saturday or Sunday to Saturday or choose your dates.

If you can get a group together of 4+ on any other week of the year then ask and I might be able to put on a walking week for you.

For the Cornwall guided walking holiday I can Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. .

Sat April 17th Sat April 24th Cornwall guided walking holiday    
Sat May 1st Sat May 8th Cornwall guided walking holiday    
Sat May 8th  Sat May 15th

ISLES OF SCILLY 7 night 6 days  Isles of Scilly Page

Sat May 22nd Sat May 29th
Cornwall guided walking holiday
Sat May 29th Sat June 6th POLDARK country tour and walking holiday  Poldark page  
Sat June 12th Sat June 19th Cornwall guided walking holiday 
Sat June 26th Sat July 3rd DARTMOOR walking holiday  Dartmoor page
Sat July 17th Sat July 24th   Cornwall guided walking holiday 
Sat July 31st Sat August 7th   Cornwall guided walking holiday  
Sat Sept 4th Sat Sept 11th  Cornwall guided walking holiday 
Sat Sept 11th Sat Sept 18th ISLES OF SCILLY 7 night 6 days  Isles of Scilly Page
Sat Sept 18th Sat Sept 25th  Cornwall guided walking holiday   
Sat Sept 25th Sat October 2nd   Cornwall guided walking holiday  
Thursday Oct 14th  Saturday Oct 23rd  CORFU 9 nights 10 days  Corfu page      2021 dates


Walking in Corfu on a guided walking holiday

2021. Our guided walking holiday in Corfu is special. Colours, flavours, a mix of history and culture plus a day trip over to Albania, we will absorb it all from Thursday 14th October - Saturday 23rd October.

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Corfu town walking holiday

The first hotel is the Bella Venezia in Corfu Town (Kerkyra). It is positioned in a quiet back street close to the centre of Corfu Town with wonderful views, facilities and an extremely family friendly atmosphere. It is a perfect hotel for our first few days of walking.

The second is the recently opened Melina Bay Hotel in the historic coastal village of Kassiopi. The views are unsurpassed and there is no better place to sit and relax after a days walk than in the bar and restaurant or from your balcony that overlooks the sea looking towards the Albanian coast.

toward Pelekas phoca thumb s p1110223 phoca thumb m p1100689

Some of the places we might visit include:-

  • Agii Deka- the second highest mountain on Corfu we take a slow walk up to 576m with wonderful views back to Corfu Town and a 360 degree view of the island. We also walk through the village of Ana Garouna perched on the hillside.
  • Lake Korission- a Venetian built freshwater lagoon 5kms long and 1km wide with 120 species of birds recorded here and many other wildlife species and flowers. A haven for natural historians.porto timoni
  • Angelokastro- A  fortress atop a rocky outcrop named after the Despot of Epirus who ruled Corfu in the 13th Century as a defence against pirates. The views are spectacular and it is one of the "must see" places on Corfu.
  • Makrades is the local crafts centre a short distance from Angelokastro through the olive groves.
  • Paleokastritsa is one of the the jewels in Corfu's crown. Wooded headlands and inlets off deep azure blue water best seen from high above, reached by windy country roads. We visit Paleokastritsa and take full advantage of the views from above in Lakones a hillside village where we stop for a break before our days walk. What a start to the day!
  • Agios Georgios- 2kms curved sandy beach reached through the olive groves on the way from a quiet hillside village, Krini which then descends along an ancient track that has views over to the Diapontia Islands on our way via Ag. Georgios to :-
  • Porto Timoni  (pictured right) which has twin bays of sand and rock, a beautiful path to walk from the village of Afionas and a chapel hewn into the rocks in the bay.
  • Myrtiotissa (below) is a beautiful beach described as the best in the world by Lawrence Durrell. The water is as clear and as blue as one imagines an island idyll to be.
  • Kaminaki to Avlaki along the north east coast where we walk and enjoy wonderful bays, beaches, chapels and the White House where Lawrence Durrell lived and wrote Prospero's Cell the definitive Corfiot novel.

Geführter Wanderurlaub auf Korfu, Griechenland

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myrtiotissa beach phoca thumb s p1190005 paleokastritsa

Myrtiotissa                             Some lunchtime entertainment                Paleokastritsa

  • Corfu Town is where we stay for 6 nights and it includes numerous churches, palaces, fortresses and museums that must be seen.
  • Old Corfu Town (The Campiello) is a maze of narrow streets and alleyways which was first settled in the 10th Century. Just wander the alleyways and catch the real essence of Corfu life. It is a joy to lose oneself in this district and soak up the corfiot atmosphere. Pure joy.
  • The Old fortress in Corfu Town was built up by the Venetians and affords wonderful views of the town and the coastline.
  • The Liston is an arcade of boutiques restaurants and coffee houses where people meet, sit and watch the world go by whilst the British Cemetery in Corfu Town is also the place to go to see orchids in spring time.

alleyways of Corfu Town Kerkyra The old fortress Corfu town kaminaki the start of a walk

Alleyways of Kerkyra                          Old Fortress                             Kaminaki

For more information about the guided walking holiday in Corfu Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. and we will send a detailed pdf

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Afionas village from kaminaki to kalami olive groves

Afionas                                           North east coast             Ubiquitous olive grove


Randonnées pédestres sur les côtes de Cornouailles


Pour les meilleurs séjours de randonnées pédestres en Cornouailles, choisissez walkitcornwall.

Walkitcornwall organise des randonnées pédestres guidées sur les côtes de Cornouailles dans le sud-ouest du Royaume Uni. Dans ces séjours de randonnées, sont inclus sept nuits à Falmouth, la ville maritime historique de Cornouailles ainsi que cinq jours de magnifiques randonnées pédestres situées sur les incomparables 480 kilomètres du Sentier Côtier du Sud-ouest  avec des marches sur une zone différente de la Cornouailles tous les jours. Nous organisons aussi des séjours randonnées pédestres plus courts tout au long de l’année.

Lors de la marche, vous serez entourés d’un paysage spectaculaire que seule la Cornouailles puisse vous offrir et votre guide sera en mesure de rendre votre séjour mémorable/inoubliable et unique grâce à une grande expérience et de nombreuses années de connaissances accumulées.

Bonjour, je suis Paul Simmons, propriétaire et guide principal de Walkitcornwall. Je suis guide professionnel depuis 10 ans et musicien depuis 28, je sais donc comment vous faire vivre une semaine de randonnées informatives, divertissantes et tranquilles à la fois sur la côte de la Cornouailles.

Le paysage est magique et je sais quand me taire et le laisser vous parler. Je connais aussi les secteurs cachés de la Cornouailles, loin de la foule. Nous marchons entre 9 et 12km chaque jours à une allure tranquille de 1.5 à 2.5 km/heure.

Nous avons la chance d’avoir 40 habitats différents en Cornouailles, y compris maritimes, côtiers, boisés, zones humides et terres agricoles. Grâce à sa géologie unique dans bien des zones, comme sur la péninsule du Lizard, il en résulte un sol qui produit une variété de faune et de flore telle, que cela en devient un paradis pour les amoureux de la nature. Vous ne trouverez autant de couleurs, ni de lumière et de beauté de paysage nulle part ailleurs dans le Royaume-Uni. C’est sans égal.

Ma méthode de randonnées est de trouver l’ADN de chaque zone dans laquelle nous nous promenons. C’est ce qui constitue ce que j’appelle les « Couches de la Cornouailles » qui incluent la géologie, la flore et la faune, le patrimoine culturel, industriel et maritime, l’exploitation minière, l’agriculture, l’histoire celtique, les Saints, les mythes et les légendes, la littérature, le Méthodisme et bien d’autres caractéristiques uniques qui font l’histoire de la Cornouailles.

Je raconte des histoires, qui créent un grand puzzle, constitué d’un nombre croissant de pièces. C’est ma propre Cornouailles que je veux partager avec vous.

Allez visiter le site web de walkitcornwall pour y voir nos séjours de randonnées pédestres en Cornouailles. Vous y trouverez des liens menant au blog et aux pages Facebook où vous pourrez vous faire une idée plus précise de ce à quoi vous attendre grâce aux nombreuses photos de randonnées passées. Nous restons en contact avec nos anciens hôtes de partout dans le monde grâce aux réseaux médiatiques, et nous sommes impatients de vous divertir et de vous montrer ce pays celtique en bordure du Royaume-Uni.

Nous pouvons vous envoyer un document format pdf avec davantage de renseignements sur nos séjours de randonnées pédestres en semaine de 5 ou 7 nuits. Les dates pour 2012 sont d’ores et déjà sur notre site. Envoyez vos Emails à Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser.   pour davantage de renseignements ou tout simplement pour bavarder.

Nous connaissons la Cornouailles et nous comprenons ce que vous voulez tirer de vos vacances de randonnées pédestres en Cornouailles.

La meilleure façon de découvrir la Cornouailles, c’est d’y marcher.

Paul Simmons