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You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. - Goethe

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We really have had a wonderful walking tour. Good times together and enjoying each others company.

– William and Hedy, Singapore

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My personal philosophy of walking

Corfu and Cornwall: The Links

 phoca thumb l p1180960

Is it just sheer coincidence that I am equally in love with both Cornwall and Corfu? I also happen to be in love with walking in Corfu and Cornwall. Would it be churlish to say that the only reason is because they both start with the letters C,O and R? Yes it would. However, having looked at it objectively and subjectively there are indeed some similarities to be drawn with both places which do satisfy the more orderly, compartmental and love of research sides of my make up. The words "clutching", "at" and "straws" could be levelled at this but bear with me as if it makes you nod in approval and recognition then I'm on to something (as opposed to on something:-) and this little blog post would be worth the effort. Read on.

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A reflection on walking at the end of 2015

phoca thumb l great molunan with walkers

Once again it has been a wonderful year of walking.

Body and Soul interacting with Landscape and shared with a variety of guests within and from different cultures.

“I walk therefore I am” to alter Descartes original thought.

Now if you Google that phrase some very interesting articles come up varying from modern day pilgrims pursuing “slowness” to the medical advantages of walking and from the philosophical to the physical.

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Autumn revisited and welcome

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Autumn is making its pronouncements that we are in the final throws of growth and vibrancy and entering the time of decay, death and reinvention.

Intensity: Wind: Light: Waves: The perfection of an insects’ final dance: Natures last throw of the dice: Birds knowledgeable, warbling their mournful autumnal tunes. Blink and you miss the subtlety of change.

If you are tuned in to natures warning then sit back and enjoy the intensity. Crashing waves, mists hugging hills,  ripples in the warm wind fast forwarding concentric circles in their restricted rock pools.

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Two guides two guests

phoca thumb l p1090556

Both Martin from Adventureline and I had one guest each this week so what better than to get together and give our guests the benefit of two enthusiasts and guides. A case of 2 for the price of 1. It also gave us a chance to do some linear walks by leaving one car at the end of the walk and driving to the beginning. Whilst not our regular practice and in keeping with our green ethic it was a case of managing to do walks we hadn't done for years and working out how these walks could be done as a circular in the future.

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Natural Relationships?

phoca thumb l p1190625 - copy

I haven't written a blog for a couple of years! That's about to change.

Having watched Cornwall close down in the main for business over the winter and open up now with Spring firmly established it occurred to me that it is blindingly obvious that nature doesn't close down for anything. It obligingly carries on undiminished, undisturbed, uninfluenced by anything but its own forces and innate raison d'etre for where we can only be voyeurs, commentators and observers of its own free will.

The seas unceasingly crash onto where it meets solid rock, winds whip up and birds eddy and cry. They are not turned off disneyesque-like until those odd paying humans come along between the hours of daylight and dusk. Nature does what it does without effort, without having a grandiose scheme to buy into whether we are there to observe or not. I often sit at New Years Eve watching others watching the celebrations (as a musician or watching the world firework displays) thinking that these human productions that we are so effusive about are nothing compared to the wonders we are missing "out there" away from the madding crowd. I always wish I was sitting quietly, as ever in awe, on a cliff top or in a wood listening, touching, smelling and watching.. nothing but the immensity of nature.

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Another walking week in July in Cornwall.

phoca thumb l p1090167

This is a new palette of colours that caught my eye. Cornwall continually produces a visual feast throughout the year in different habitats and at the whim of the non conforming weather events. Whilst many may moan about the lack of blue skies I for one revel in the endless creativitiy of the clouds and the hues produced in the flora, bursting into life and battling with the interplay of the excess of sun and rain.

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beech tree at Scotts Quay

A walking week in Cornwall in July

phoca thumb l p1080934

Following the worst week of rain and mud in Cornwall for a long while it was with trepidation that we awaited what the heavens would offer. Well we were lucky with most of the days whilst one day we went to the fabulous Heartlands in Pool to see the mining heritage come alive. The site pushes the point that Cornwall whilst it wasn't the centre of the Industrial Revolution it certainly dominated the copper and tin output of the world for a long time. It gave the world "the Hard Rock men" the diaspora spread to all corners of the world with their nous about mining.

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Cornwall is open for business

phoca thumb l nanjizal 1

Whenever the general press report on disaster areas, wars and the like I always feel that there should be a website, programme or paper of the follow up so you get the full and finished story. Do people read a book and miss the last chapter? Do they watch three quarters of a whodunit? So why is there a need for a collection of businesses getting together to tell the world that despite the awful problems we had in the south west where businesses and livelihoods were badly affected, that we need to get together to tell the world that we are ok, we are resilient, we are proactive and that the majority of businesses are open and ready for trade.

The South West Coast Path has been affected with no more path diversions that a year ago. there are 300 miles of Coast path to walk with the majority of it as beautiful as it was and has been for millennia. Walking in Cornwall has always been a delight and 2014 is no different. 

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Mud mud glorious.....


phoca thumb l p1080771

So what do you want to know that this picture can't tell you? What can one say about this weather? The Thesaurus has many words for Unprecedented:- abnormal, yup; exceptional, right; freakish, definately; unheard of, unparallelled yes the list goes on which are factually correct descriptions of the Cornwall summer, and elsewhere I hear you cry- well that's impossible actually over fibre optics but you get my gist.

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The Lizard Peninsula Coast Path Walk Sept 2012

phoca thumb l 077 sea at church cove 2

How can you not be in awe of the south west coast path? In solidarity with the week before we were owed some more good weather and especially after the Lizard walking week in July which turned out to be the muddiest and wettest on record. And we were so rewarded for our nine guests who came from near and far for a walking week of utter pleasure. Coast path walking at its absolute best.

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Tilleys are not just for xmas. They're for life

phoca thumb l tilley on tree dartmoor 1

Anthropomorphising is dangerous for professional naturalists but I swear this hat is smiling. And so it should be, it is new, it is on Dartmoor and usually on my head! My new Tilley is hanging around on a hawthorn tree on Dartmoor. Alas my old Tilley has served me well but has gone to the great hat stand in the sky to serve Telly Savalas, Yul Brynner and that little bloke whom Benny Hill used to pat very hard.

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