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  "The diligent farmer plants trees, of which he himself will never see the fruit."-Cicero

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We really have had a wonderful walking tour. Good times together and enjoying each others company.

– William and Hedy, Singapore

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Sustainable Tourism and Education

Environmental education, consultancy and walking in Cornwall

phoca thumb m bodmin moor 4 chessewringIt is important to share ones approach to understanding nature and the uniqueness of our Cornish habitats and species whilst appreciating how local land management is important to our collective wellbeing.

Over the past ten years Paul Simmons has been leading walks, providing workshops and lessons for various local and international schools and university faculties. These partnerships continue in April 2012 starting with a geology trip to the Lizard peninsula with a French school for the third year running (or should that be walking:-).

The future:-

walkitcornwall is looking to expand and explore ways of employing and training people in the following inter disciplinary areas:-

    1. coast logo 150 x 28Furthering the business links and network of CoaST(Cornwall’s sustainable tourism network) with walkitcornwall becoming a passionate Ambassador and trainer for sustainable tourism in Cornwall. This includes:-
      1. To encourage, promote and advise on low impact tourism.
      2. Working in partnership with the Cornwall Access Team and major landowners on the 3000kms of paths in Cornwall bringing awareness of their usage, heritage and state of repair into the 21st century.
      3. Building awareness for company’s within Cornwall of the vital importance of the natural heritage on the doorstep to be promoted and conserved. Already discussed with CoaST.
      4. Promoting and establishing an integrated travel network with local transport providers including bus and taxi companies, Ecodrive, landowners and renewable energy companies for walkers.
    2. Furthering the ongoing academic interdisciplinary links with the departments at the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth relating to the uniqueness of Cornwall’s history, identity and natural history.
    3. Green guide courses to be recognised by Visit Cornwall and all stakeholders in the Cornwall tourism industry as a high standard diploma to guarantee a gold standard visitor experience for those who are interested in experiencing the unique Cornish landscape. 97% of visitors enjoy the coast, landscape and biodiversity of Cornwall and site it as one major reason for visiting. Taking on one or two more staff for the walking business is fundamental to this and the other areas of walkitcornwall’s raison d’etre.
    4. Environmental Education for all key stages and beyond into higher education and degree work with the accent on outside education and re engaging with the natural world. This includes engaging with nature through literacy, numeracy, history, social studies, research, local history and heritage and many other academic subjects.

    phoca thumb m beautiful serpentineThese four main points for the future encapsulate a very brief synopsis of the wider and interconnected added value that walkitcornwall can offer. Apart from training staff for taking guided walks, it is aimed at partnerships with other companies, education facilities and stakeholders within the Cornish tourism industry that are looking towards establishing sustainability as a core principle of their working ethos within Cornwall. This can be achieved through both academic and practical programmes of which direct engagement with the unique natural heritage of Cornwall is the principle methodology.

    Engage, enquire and enjoy......

    walkitcornwall presently and has also in the past 5 years:-

    • Completed an MA in Cornish Studies – Dissertation on attitudes towards landscape use on the Lizard peninsula.
    • Provided walks for undergraduates in the Geography and English Depts, Tremough Campus of the University of Exeter
    • Is lead business partner in a CUC ESF 3 year studentship project with the University of Exeter.
    • Worked with CoaST (Cornwall Sustainable Tourism) network.
    • Been on the committee for the South West Coast Path Association.
    • Provided walks for the SWCP Team based in Devon.
    • Provided walks for Natural England and NT.
    • Written about the human interaction with landscape and the narratives of perceiving walking for a monthly listings magazine.
    • Been on two organising committees for walking festivals in and around the Fal River; the Fal River Autumn Walking Festival and the Falmouth Spring Festival.